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Dancing with My Star…

February 24, 2011 — Leave a comment

Tonight Sheri and I start ballroom dance lessons. I have to say that I’m not really looking forward to the “dancing” part of this, but I am really looking forward to spending some time with my STAR and getting to do something out of our comfort zone.

What can you do that takes you out of your comfort zone and closer to your wife? What’s stopping you?


Kindle and the iPad…

For me there’s no comparison. I’m a Kindle guy all the way. My wife is an iPad girl all the way. Why the difference in opinion? My lack of self-discipline – period.

We both enjoy reading and read what I consider enough to make the shelling out of the $ worth it. It comes down to my abaility to unplug at the end of the day. Having the internet in bed with me is a really bad idea. It will check my e-mail one more time, look at The Drudge Report, check Facebook, or some other crap that I needed to stop doing by 8PM. That’s why the Kindle is a much better tool for me. I don’t want the internet in bed with me. I’ll never get any sleep.

Besides the experts agree with me. So, don’t bring your latop, iPad, cell phone/smart phone, or any other “connected” device to bed with you. Who knows, you may find something better to do with your wife who’s right next to you! Good night all.

My Girlfriend…

July 29, 2010 — 3 Comments

Yes, I have a girlfriend. She’s the most wonderful woman I have ever met. She makes me feel special, doesn’t nag me, and lets me smell her hair (without a funny look). I truly enjoy getting away with her – we don’t get to often enough.

Before you freak out and start txting my wife…

it so happens that my wife is my girlfriend. Last week, we went to Key West for a boyfriend/girlfriend 3 day getaway. The husband and wife stayed home. We did not bring laptops and did not turn on a TV for 3 days. We focused on us. We ate too much, drank too much, slept too much, and spent too much.  Even though my waste grew and wallet shrunk – it was worth it!

Guys, you need to date your wife. Wives you need to date your husband. Without dating, over the years you grow apart. This is why there’s high divorce rates after the kids leave home. You have two people who were once in love that don’t know each other any longer and have nothing left in common. If this is you (or you see it coming), do something about it. Start over. It’s never too late. He’s the same guy and she’s the same girl that you fell in love with years ago. Alone/down time allows you to remember this.

Dating doesn’t have to cost money. In fact, the less you spend, the more she’ll appreciate the effort. But you have to make the effort. Arrange the babysitter, make a reservation, and don’t tell her. If you need help, her girlfriends will gladly chip in. I promise!

When’s the last time you took your wife on a real date? What are you waiting for?  NO EXCUSES…

My 10 favorite things about Valentine’s Day:

10. It comes one week after my wife’s birthday. I get to spoil her two times this month.

9. It’s usually our first big date after the holidays. It’s nice to reengage after the craziness.

8. Buying her a meaningful gift. My wife loves gifts that are heartfelt.

7. Planning for our date. Because this is her Superbowl, it has to be big. I start planning Jan 2nd.

6. Getting to take my daughter on a daddy/daughter date night. Modeling dating behavior now will pay-off later.

5. Always a special meal. We go out of our way for a special dining experience for our date.

4. Putting the world on “hold” for a day. We put everything aside and focus on us.

3. Knowing my wife is excited for what I have planned. I always try to surprise her with something new.

2. Getting over dressed. We always get dressed up for our date no matter what we have planned.

1. Reminding my wife that I love her and want to be the romantic she so desires and deserves.

What are your favorite things about Valentine’s Day?