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Great Qoutes and How They Link to My Manifesto

On the re:create cruise Randy Elrod said it: Where passion and need intersect that IS the sweet spot. In that spot, you’ll find you’re always excited for work. In that spot, you’ll make money. In that spot, you’ll make a difference. In that spot, you’ll find your purpose. In that spot, you are creative…

We could have passion all day long. But if there’s little need, then we won’t be successful or able to sustain our effort. If there’s need and little passion (think 9-5), then there’s little satisfaction. The point where these two intersect is the sweet spot.

There are people in this spot. You know who they are. You admire them from afar. The question is: What are you going to do about it? Continue in your lost world or seek out the sweet spot. Be warned, once you find it, there’s little chance of going back. The status quo no longer is an option. IT will change you. IT will change your values. IT will change your schedule. IT will change how you think. IT will change how you see others. IT will change how you see the world. You’ll never be the same. But isn’t that the point?

Sheri and I found the spot a couple years ago. The result: Luminosity Global Consulting Group, Haiti missions, this blog, Sheri’s blog, other social networking, writing, books, speaking. This all stemmed from of our love for global business (passion) and desire to help others learn and grow from our experiences (need). Global Business is the passion. Engaging and empowering executives to achieve their impossible dreams is the need. Hence a coaching practice for global executives.

I loved that Randy captured this idea in words. We’ve been living it, but never thought of it in such a meaningful and pithy manner. Hence he’s the creative, and I’m a finance guy.

Are you heavy on passion but find there’s little need? Do you have a job that meets your need that you force yourself to every day? Maybe it’s time to seek your sweet spot…

What’s stopping you?

Second SUCKS!

March 14, 2011 — Leave a comment

It’s hard to be #2 at anything. I recall several years ago playing rugby on an Air Force team in a U.S. Marine Corps league in Okinawa Japan. It was the championship match. Winner take took first and the loser took second. The team captian “Gonzo” (every rubgy team I ever played on had a guy named Gonzo???), told us at half-time “Second SUCKS!” Throughout the match when I felt winded, there was Gonzo screaming from across the pitch “Second SUCKS!” It became the rallying call for the match and the championship. Yes, we took the Marince Corp league championship 3 of 3 years I played.

Now Sheri’s starting her own company and I’m #2. I like being #2 to her, but I also find it difficult to play support all the time. I’m doing research and learning the details about various things that she doesn’t have time for. I make her smarter and therefore we have a better business.

My role may be #2, but in this case second does not suck.

Do you need to be #2 to someone so they are succesful?

The recent story about The Barefoot Bandit sort of, in a weird way, inspired me. Not for the people who were hurt by him steeling and breaking into businesses and homes along the way, but instead because he just never accepted what he couldn’t do. To steal an airplane and fly across open ocean to an island and land it – all without any training – is an amazing feat. He just didn’t know what he couldn’t do.

I feel the same way by starting Luminosity Global Consulting Group this year. There are a lot of folks who think we’ve lost our minds. You’re starting a business now, with no bank backing, with no credit for businesses to buy your services, etc. We’ve listened. The fact is, we don’t know we cannot be successful. Others may “know”, but we don’t.

When I reflect on our lives together (over 22 years now), Sheri and I have never accepted what others think cannot be done.  We make a decision and keep moving. That’s what we do. It’s who we are. God recognizes this in us, brought us together, and gives us opportunity to do what cannot be done.

How about you? What are you waiting for? Do what cannot be done. You may be surprised to find you actually can do it.

“Do not pray for a lighter load, but for a stronger back.” Phillips Brooks

If you’ve read My Life Manifesto, you’ll know I’ve quoted Brooks before. I like his phraseology on some things.

I have a busy schedule. There are days, weeks and months when I get tired (this week is one of them). When I get down, I rarely ask God to take the burden. I’m not sure why…that never really came to mind. But I do pray for strength. God can make us stronger than our own natural abilities – the rules of nature don’t apply when you invented nature.

When things get tough, don’t back down, don’t stay home, pray for God to, as Brooks put it, “give you a stronger back.”