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Humbled…. (again)

December 13, 2010 — Leave a comment

Quick update on my condition:

– Concussion is improving, may take a couple more weeks before everything’s clear. Dr. gave us some guidelines on things to watch for, which was very helpful

– I’m in the back brace for 3-4 more months. Everything beyond 4 weeks is preventative in nature and will help ensure when I’m 65, that I’m fully mobile.

Sheri and I were both relieved to hear that the overall risk of major injury is minimal and that I can focus on long-term recovery. The short-term issues will resolve themselves with rest and time.

More blessings. The doctor shared a story of a lawyer who had a similar fall on the same day. This man is now in a vegetative state. He reminded us of how blessed I am to be talking, walking and worrying about my health 20 years from now. I ask why me Lord? Why not me Lord? Why him Lord? Answers to these questions will only be answered in our next lives.

You just never know when tragedy may strike. Enjoy every day, live life to the fullest and Go Big



During our flight back from California this weekend, I had (what I thought was) a minor issue on the flight. I passed out. Not the type of fainting where you stand up too fast. No. I really was out for the count. As a result I was immediately diagnosed with a severe case of Worried Wife Syndrome.

My lessons from these past couple of days:

  1. I’m in outstanding condition. I have no heart issues, no brain tumors, and no clogged arteries. I have a very low resting heart rate, and am fit as can be. Raw Raw Team Steve!
  2. My health is extremely important to my family. My wife kind-a-sort-a-lost-it when I claimed there was nothing wrong with me. She wouldn’t hear it. In fact the only real reason I came willingly is because of my friend Brian who is fighting some very serious health issues. I didn’t want to repeat his mistakes (not going to the doctor early). I also saw the fear in Sheri’s eyes. She was seriously worried and when she gets worried, it means there’s reason for concern.
  3. I have issues with cholesterol. While nothing urgent today, this becomes a bigger issue later. It’s strange to me because Sheri’s cholesterol is outstanding ~ we eat the same, exercise the same amount, and drink very little. This is an area I have to now make a life change in.

I never considered how important it is to my family that I am healthy. In My Life Manifesto I discuss life style and fitness as key parts of my life. I guess it’s time to pay closer attention to this thing called cholesterol. I assumed only unhealthy people had to deal with this stuff…

Go get your cholesterol checked today. Why? Because real men protect their families, and protecting your health is key to protecting your family.

What assumptions do you have about your health?