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1 Year…

December 30, 2011 — Leave a comment

A year ago I came close to dying. I learned much about friendship, service, letting others serve me, life and how much I mean to my family and they to me.

Since that time, I have witnessed God work in radical ways, seen my family come together, seen my family struggle with change, seen our company grow, seen men fight addiction, witnessed men step-up and lead, vacationed with friends for the first time, accepted a new job, moved across the country, sold a house, bought and sold cars, and most importantly allowed God to lead the way in my life.

As I reflect on this past year and remember (what I can) lying in bed last Christmas with a broken back/ribs/elbow and major concussion and realize what God has done since that time, I’m in shock. Why we he continues to care about me, is a mystery I will never solve. I’m no one, yet he still has a plan and obviously I have more to do. I have not wasted any time this year and am making the most out of things. I have not gotten it right every time, but I haven’t wasted anything.

As I start my annual review of My Life Manifesto, I realize I have a lot to do in 2012. God has called me to be more than I am and I have to get back in the game in some aspects of my life (more later on this). Right now, I’m focused on today and am in awe of how awesome God is.

It’s been a year…


December 19, 2011 — Leave a comment

Having people who will tell you when your wrong is critical to any leader’s success. Who in your life is telling you something? Are you listening?

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Consulting on the side is a way to make some extra money, build your network and create credibility as an expert in your area. Over the past several months, I have had a client I have been assisting in setting up a compliance program. I find it very rewarding to help someone solve a problem through my past experiences. The problem is I’m a consultant…

Being a consultant means you have a paying customer. They have demands, you’re expected to meet those demands – “That’s what we’re paying you for”. They have moving targets on timelines, want to change the scope, tell you what to do and how to do it, etc. after all, they’re paying for it! Not to mention the additional “work” required on top of your normal day job, which spills over to your personal life.

In the end, it all comes back to why most managers hire consultants: to be the bad guys and make recommendations that the manager does not have the guts to make. The idea is to bring in an “expert”, control the messaging, and get what the manager wanted all along.

If your considering doing some work on the side, be prepared. In my experience as a manager and leader, managers hire consultants to move their political agenda forward. Leaders hire consultants to fill a blind spot. Choose your clients carefully. Your reputation is at stake and consulting for managers only waters down your permission. Finally, make sure your family is on board with the decision. There’s a price to be paid for the extra income: less of your time. If they aren’t on board, do not make the engagement.

I’m lucky. My client is a leader and my family supports my efforts. I got lucky, but moving forward, I’m making sure I work with leaders and not managers.

Will you have the guts to turn a paying client down if they don’t pass the leadership sniff test or your family is not supportive?

We’ve all done it… Made a promise to give it our all. Whether it’s our families, God, work we’ve all made that promise…

As I was reflecting on my priorities this morning, I recalled a clip from a movie we use to show to our small group high school students.

As I thought about this scene and my relationship with God, I heard my Coach, Father and Savor yelling at me like coach was yelling at Broc: “Don’t you quit on ME!…You promised ME your BEST, keep going! Don’t you quit on ME!” Over and over.

I recently had to make a really tough decision to stop doing some things that were very important to me so that I could focus on the most important things: my family.

As I reflected on this on my way to work, I realized that I have been wanting to quit on a difficult situation and God is reminding me: He put me here, right now, for this reason. I was reminded of the constant prayer, over the past several years, for God to deliver our family back together – He answered that prayer (PRAISE!). He kept his word. Now it’s messy and difficult and I want to back-out.

With my family loaded on my back, my Coach screamed at me this morning: “Don’t you quit on ME!” I don’t intend to.


February 13, 2011 — Leave a comment

Coming off my injury has been dificult. I still suffer headaches and am very sore in my ribs, neck and shoulder. I was out of work for 7 weeks and am only returning at 80% now. Needless to say, things have gotten crazy in our schedules. We’ve had to stop doing some things so that we can focus on other things – I took a hiatus from blogging as a result of this change. We’ve stopped other things as well – which I won’t go into publicly.

The point, sometimes we have to stop doing really important things and focus on the few critical things. In my Life Manifesto I talk about my priorities being God, Sheri, the kids, others, then work/money/etc. in that order. I was spending too much time on item 4 and not enough on item 3.

My priority is my family above anything else of this world. If I’m not serving and leading my family well, then nothing else matters.

What do you need to go MIA for?

My Stubbornness….

December 12, 2010 — 3 Comments

One week ago, I lay in ICU under the care of a critical care team pending the results of the tests to see if I would require emergency spine surgery to fix problems associated with “the fall”.

Today, through nothing less than a miracle, I am walking and trying to pretend everything is normal. Since coming home on Wednesday, I have consistently said I was attending church today. All the while my friends and wife were questioning the wisdom of that decision. Gruntlers, Roberts, Avery’s and others always asked if that was smart. I feel up to it, so of course. My wife was set against it from minute one.

Today, I am not attending church. It breaks my heart not to be there, but I was pushing this under the excuse of praising God when in fact my real motive was to return to normalcy. This was causing major issues for my wife. This morning, God impressed on me that I need not be in church to praise him…

That’s when I realized: this is not normal and there is no quick return to normal.

In honor of my wife and friends, I will not be attended church today. I still praise God for his grace, but I do it through honoring my wife’s wishes and praising him privately ~ just He and I.

Praise God…