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October 29, 2010 — 1 Comment

During our August 2010 West Pines and Crossway Missions trip a woman came to Tou Tou’s orphanage to give her 2 starving children to the orphanage. We have talked much about how desperate and heartbroken this woman must have been to give her children away, but this was her only hope at saving her kids. But I get ahead of the story…

Monday mid-morning our team was at Tou Tou’s orphanage conducting VBS, playing games, singing, dancing etc. Out of nowhere a mother appears with two children. The baby is seemingly lifeless. He is limp in her arms and the team wondered if he were alive. Then she asked Pastor Marchel (our Haitian pastor with us on the trip) if the orphanage can take her kids, because she was incapable of feeding them. She had dressed them in the best clothes she could find in hopes of making them good enough to be accepted.

God had planned for this. He knew exactly what we would need and what this woman and her children needed before we ever left. Prior to heading down, one of our church members (works in a pediatric ICU) gathered up a pile of unused high calorie baby formula. It was heavy, bulk and a pain to transport. But we found space in our bags.

As the conversations were happening with our pastor staff and this woman, Sheri and Kallay were feeding the lifeless son this formula. As they poured it into his mouth, he instantly woke and started interacting. He had energy and life again. It’s impossible to describe the magnitude this had on the team. God sent us there with that formula for this child at that moment.

Let’s think about the mother again…

While she’s obviously heartbroken by being unable to care for her children, at the same time God answered her prayers. Imagine being so desperate that you’re in this situation. Showing up, not knowing what to expect only knowing this was your last hope to save your starving children. Then witnessing your limp, lifeless son coming back to life in the arms of two blanc women who have the resources he needed. If it were me, this would have been all I needed to see. Knowing that God will care for my children here in this orphanage through these people. I wish I had the same faith in our God as this woman does.

That afternoon, the woman was sent away with her children. We needed birth certificates and signed papers. Everyone thought that she would not return…

The next day, she returned with everything that was required. That day, she left alone. Her children ate and slept with 20 other orphans that night.

This woman didn’t feel she had any other choice, but God provided her comfort by illustrating (through two blancs and some discarded formula) that he had control of all and that her children would survive.

Do you faith to willing give your children over to God?


Tomorrow 30 Sept 2010 at 1PM my pastor (West Pines Comminuty Church) Robey Barnes and Crossway Church Pastor Jon Elswick will be conducting a radio interview discussing our recent missions trip to Haiti. Please tune in either over the air on: AM 1080 WHIM  or you can listen on-line at: and click on the listen live button.

Please join us in hearing the stories and what God is doing through our church and our partner organization GCA.

On our recent trip to Haiti, we had 3 students on the trip. Nick, Savannah and Amanda. I asked Amanda and Savannah to be guest bloggers this week and write about what Haiti meant to. Here are their responses:

The trip to Haiti was memorable and life changing. See all the children’s faces light up when we arrived was amazing. Like when we went up to the parachute village, their faces just lit up because they knew we were coming to help and bring the things they needed. I learned the difference between wanting something and needing something – Savannah 9/5/2010

The trip to Haiti was life changing. Since then I have learned the difference between wants and needs. It was heartbreaking and amazing at the same time. The people have nothing, yet they have so much faith. In all, the Haiti trip was amazing. I am eager to go back and I am inspired to help Haiti in any way I can – Amanda 9/5/2010

What are you doing to develop the next generation of leaders?

During our recent missions trip to Haiti, we visited an orphanage for the deaf. We sang songs with hand motions for them, they signed songs for us. We played with bubbles and balloons (more on the balloons in another post). But we also played soccer. In May 2010, Pastor Matt Mashburn and I visited this same orphanage and left a couple soccer balls. They still had those balls and decided to play a pick-up game with the Blancs.

During the match, the rains started…and boy did it dump! Hence the advent of West Pines Church Monsoon Soccer. Everyone was laughing and watching.

Seeing the joy and laughter of deaf orphans…PRICELESS

I’m blessed to have the privilege to witness the match of a lifetime. Savannah, Amanda and Nick, you guys make us proud.

We need your help in meeting the needs of the Orphans in Haiti. I’m asking you to read this post and consider how you can help.

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In May 2010, I traveled to Haiti on a quick overnight trip to do some fact finding and get boots on the ground to assess and plan a team trip later in the summer. During this trip, we were introduced to Tou Tou (head of GCA’s security) and an orphanage that an old teacher of his was running. GCA has dubbed this orphanage Tou Tou’s Orphanage. There were 10 children, all true orphans, that were displaced from Port-au-Prince by the earthquake. They were in very bad shape, living in one room with no doors, windows, etc. Read more about the May trip here.

From This:

Flash Forward to August 2010, in 3 months, the kids have been fed, the signs of malnutrition are almost completely gone, they have energy, have learned several English songs, the builds have been (almost complete) refinished and expanded, they have doubled the # of orphans to 22, and have the funds to build a proper bathroom and shower facility.

To this:

Results matter. We have seen results through GCA in Tou Tou’s Orphanage. The West Pines/Crossway team was able to bring additional food, conducted a VBS, teach some English, and witness some very painful things in the 2 mornings we spent with these kids. As I tweeted on return, “my heart is branded”. After Haiti, I will never be the same. There’s so much to do, but we made a difference for few.

Over the next few weeks I will be posting more specific events and stories and may have some guest posts. Please continue to read and spread the word by sharing with others.