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Dancing with My Star…

February 24, 2011 — Leave a comment

Tonight Sheri and I start ballroom dance lessons. I have to say that I’m not really looking forward to the “dancing” part of this, but I am really looking forward to spending some time with my STAR and getting to do something out of our comfort zone.

What can you do that takes you out of your comfort zone and closer to your wife? What’s stopping you?


Sheri and Savannah on the Abercrombie and Finchbillboard in Times Square NY Dec 2009.

We have had an unusually busy year for travel and adventure. We’re excited for 2010’s adventure. Are you going to live your life to the fullest this coming year? You have to plan to do so otherwise busyness will rob you of the most important things.

In May Sheri and I celebrated our 20th anniversary on a cruise to Alaska and a long weekend in Seattle. We went to Glacier Bay, watched Margerie Glacier calve and spent the day on deck drinking wine and then in the spa whale watching off the bow of the ship. We went kayaking in Sitka and saw a humpback whale about 150′ from our kayak and had lunch on the cliffs overlooking the bay watching the eagles. We saw John Hopkins glacier that is over a mile wide with 14,000′ peaks behind it. The scale of Alaska cannot expressed and must be witnessed to comprehend. After our cruise we enjoyed Seattle, went on the ferries and had a wonderful sunset dinner in the Space Needle.

In August we took Savannah on a Caribbean cruise. We visited Key West, Jamaica, and the Cayman islands. We climbed Dunn’s River Falls, swam with stingrays, visited a pirate museum and a turtle farm, and enjoyed the bluest of blue oceans. There is no other blue like the deep blue of the Caribbean sea.

This past weekend, we went to New York to attend The University of Cambridge’s 800 Year Anniversary Gala in Gotham Hall. The event was outstanding. The story telling of 800 years of history in 9 minutes was incredible. The theme of the key note speaker: “Cambridge is a verb” It’s less about the place and more about the relationships and how people are changed during their time there. We went to Ground Zero, Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, discussed our history as a country, went to see Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, spent time shopping, walking 5th Ave., visiting the museum, Central Park and Times Sq. and Savannah and Sheri got on a giant billboard in Times Square. It was a wonderful weekend spent with Sheri’s good friend and us as a family.

In retrospect: I heard a quote from the lead animator from Disney’s A Christmas Carol,

“the wonderful thing about animated movie making is that you can make anything.

The curse is that you have to make everything.”

I wonder if God viewed having to make everything as a curse? Somehow I doubt it. I believe He enjoyed every moment. He created everything for our enjoyment and pleasure so that He would be glorified. We have taken great pleasure in our travels and adventures this year and are humbled as a result.

A movie doesn’t happen without a designer. How could everything on this earth (not to mention the universe) happen by random chance? I challenge you to answer that question? If you don’t have an answer, you’re not truly enjoying the adventure of life and the master piece of this place we call Earth.

Blog Launch

September 16, 2009 — 1 Comment

Welcome to my blog
I decided to do this not because it is popular (which if that were the case I am several years behind the curve), but at the urging of Seth Godin. Seth challenges his followers/readers to be extraordinary and do something that matters. This blog is my attempt to meet Seth’s challenge to be unique, special and extraordinary.

My purpose is to challenge myself to be a better man, husband, father, friend and human. I hope that during this adventure, you find information that is useful, makes you think, mad, inspired, happy, sad, worthless, priceless, and most importantly drives you to make a difference in your life and world.

All content and tags will link back to this post.
To those who decide I have something of worth to say and follow me, I promise to:

  • Post one meaningful well thought out post per week on Thursdays
  • Read all comments and feedback and take it into consideration (after all I am growing/learning too)
  • Be honest with all my posts.

I retain permission to not respond to comments, and delete inappropriate comments as I feel fit
Thanks for reading…here we go
“Hold on to your butts” Samuel L Jackson in Jurassic Park