My Own Worst Enemy…

January 5, 2012 — 1 Comment

As I went through my year end review of 2011, I realized just how much abundance God has given me and how I had fell into the trap of not acknowledging his blessings and instead was focusing on all the things he didn’t take care of.

I know what I need God to do, just ask me! That’s where I found myself in early December. Why hadn’t our house in FL been closed? Why can’t our son move to CA now? Why is it so hard for our daughter to make new friends? Why are we struggling to find the right church? Blah, blah, blah.

As I started praying to help me to understand my selfish sin, God reminded me of all things he had done for me this year: healed my broken back and concussion, allowed us to take vacation and enjoy his canvas we call earth, provided a new job and paid for our relocation, provided a new house in a great area just minutes from my work, given us financial support in ways we could have never imagined. The list went on and on. It far outweighed the stuff I thought at the moment as the most important.

So here I stand, blessed and realizing that God has a plan for everything. I have to constantly fight my pride which leads me down the self pity road that becomes my own worst enemy. Remembering what God has done in my past, helps carry me through the tough times and keeps me humble.

What blessing do you need to acknowledge?


One response to My Own Worst Enemy…


    Yes Sir, I couldn’t agree more. I display an attitude of “God, what have you done for me lately?” And then it hits me….I am so spoiled (e.g. blessed). God has done miracles in my life and answered so many prayers, however, my faith shows moments of weakness if any at all. I constantly have to remind myself where God stepped in, carried me or assured me that he is in control and taking care of the smallest details. If I was God, I would kick myself to the curb and move on to somebody with more faith and promise. But he doesn’t! He still keeps doing his thing, showing that his love endures and that he is patient with our relationship. Thank you Lord and thank you Steve for the cool blog.

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