Recommending Others…

May 31, 2011 — 2 Comments

I don’t lightly recommend people. In fact today I recommended my first person on LinkedIn. Simple because I believe recommendations are an extension of my brand and reputation and to give them out to everyone I know vs. the few who deserve not only protects my name, but also raises the credibility of the one I recommend.

When you ask for recommendations, please understand I give them rarely and purposefully. I hope you do the same. The challenge is saying no or never giving recommendations. Where’s saying no or ignoring a request leave you and the other person? You on your pedestal and them walking away – never to look back. Permission is delicate. Don’t abuse it nor ignore it. Nurture it and grow it. One recommendation at a time. Take a risk sometimes. You never know what impact you’ll have.

Make those recommendations freely, honestly and most importantly accurately. People are relying on your integrity in your recommendation to base their decision. Never underestimate the power in that…


2 responses to Recommending Others…


    I love this Steve! What a great perspective. Thanks for sharing!

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