A Ranking Systems Rant…

May 25, 2011 — Leave a comment

If you’re the only game in town, and you create an organization that ranks the best teams in the game, and your company comes out as #1 in some obscure category in which you’re the only one who could possibly meet the criteria, are you really #1?

All marketers are liars. Be warned when someone is claiming to be #1 in some ranking system. While it may be legitimate, it’s likely a marketing ploy to make a company look better than they are. Why do you think there are so many ranking systems for MBA programs? Each system has a selection criterion which is not made public, thus giving more schools the opportunity to be #1. Otherwise wouldn’t the same school be #1 across the board?

This rule applies to church ranking systems, schools, universities, governments, cars… you get the point.

What do you do? Do your own research. Before you make a $100K investment in that MBA is it really worth it? Why? Do not get fooled by marketers. I have heard some of the scams universities pull to make it appear that they have really bright students in all their classes. Upon further examination, it’s a well thought out marketing ploy designed to give the appearance that the school is top notice.

What ranking system do you rely on? Is it honest?


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