Thinking Sucks…

May 6, 2011 — Leave a comment

I hate when I get into a funk. All I seem to do is think. Think about my family, Sheri’s dogs (yes they are her dogs, not mine), my daughter, my son, our future, my career, my faith, my church, my community group, what God is calling me to do, the list goes on and on….

Being a results oriented guy, this is hard. I want to make things happen. Be on the field, making plays for the cause. I want to DO.

I get uncomfortable in these times. BUT…I’ve learned to embrace them because I know God’s molding me for the next thing. Every time I have had one of these period, God has done something HUGE in my life. Never what I expected or thought, but huge all the same. The problem is me being a control freak. I want to control what’s next. Hence I have to wait… Wait for God to do his thing.

To be honest. I’m afraid. I’m afraid of what he’s calling me to. I feel it. I know it in my heart, but my lizard brain is saying no way it’s too much. So I let the fear take hold. I wrestle it. I fight it. But most importantly I will not run from it or give into it. When the battle is over, I know God will use it for his purpose.

In the meantime, I think… I dream… I run… I pray… I go silent… waiting… waiting… waiting…

What are you waiting for?


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