Linchpin Moments…

April 1, 2011 — Leave a comment

Linchpin Moments…

Seth wrote an entire book on the subject…

They come very infrequently… those moments in time where everything changes. Our church went through one of those moments last year when we moved facilities. Funny thing, I have never heard anyone say they missed the old place – that’s truly a rare event!

Sheri and I have one of those moments this weekend. Actually Sunday at 4:30PM. Because of confidentiality issues, I cannot disclose the details, but it’s one of those moments. Our business, personal and professional lives will never be the same. We may get what we want or we may not. 2-years of work, legal hurdles, financial woes, etc. All come down to this one moment. We have been changed by the process to get to this point. But there’s something about the moment. The actual event, that we think changes us.

Reality is moments rarely change our lives or worlds; it’s the preparation that creates moments that changes us. This moment has been over 20-years in the making. The moment will not changes us… the 20-year prep did!

What moment do you need to prepare for?

BTW: I have not forgotten to update you on the Blog Move, I crashed the webpage and the good folks at saved my behind! Move is in progress. More later!


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