Second SUCKS!

March 14, 2011 — Leave a comment

It’s hard to be #2 at anything. I recall several years ago playing rugby on an Air Force team in a U.S. Marine Corps league in Okinawa Japan. It was the championship match. Winner take took first and the loser took second. The team captian “Gonzo” (every rubgy team I ever played on had a guy named Gonzo???), told us at half-time “Second SUCKS!” Throughout the match when I felt winded, there was Gonzo screaming from across the pitch “Second SUCKS!” It became the rallying call for the match and the championship. Yes, we took the Marince Corp league championship 3 of 3 years I played.

Now Sheri’s starting her own company and I’m #2. I like being #2 to her, but I also find it difficult to play support all the time. I’m doing research and learning the details about various things that she doesn’t have time for. I make her smarter and therefore we have a better business.

My role may be #2, but in this case second does not suck.

Do you need to be #2 to someone so they are succesful?


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