Don’t You Quit on Me…

February 17, 2011 — Leave a comment

We’ve all done it… Made a promise to give it our all. Whether it’s our families, God, work we’ve all made that promise…

As I was reflecting on my priorities this morning, I recalled a clip from a movie we use to show to our small group high school students.

As I thought about this scene and my relationship with God, I heard my Coach, Father and Savor yelling at me like coach was yelling at Broc: “Don’t you quit on ME!…You promised ME your BEST, keep going! Don’t you quit on ME!” Over and over.

I recently had to make a really tough decision to stop doing some things that were very important to me so that I could focus on the most important things: my family.

As I reflected on this on my way to work, I realized that I have been wanting to quit on a difficult situation and God is reminding me: He put me here, right now, for this reason. I was reminded of the constant prayer, over the past several years, for God to deliver our family back together – He answered that prayer (PRAISE!). He kept his word. Now it’s messy and difficult and I want to back-out.

With my family loaded on my back, my Coach screamed at me this morning: “Don’t you quit on ME!” I don’t intend to.


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