My Life Manifesto Annual Review – 2011

December 30, 2010 — 1 Comment

Well here it is. One year since I reviewed and updated My Life Manifesto.

Unfortunately for me, the past 3ish weeks have been a fog. I’m finally starting to see some form of normalcy in my thoughts, speech and reaction times. Memory’s still a bit foggy, but it’s coming back too.

This year’s update is a bit different than the previous ones I’ve done. Simply because I really don;t have any major changes to make to the manifesto. I have a lot fo areas to continue working on, but overall the direction is still correct and therefore I’m not make any broad changes. So here it is, where I fell short in each of the major areas. This is tough because I get to share my failures. It would be easier to talk about all the great things, but that won’t move me forward. I’ll be livin’ in the glory days if I do that. With 2011 on us, I owe it to God, my wife, and you to be honest about where I need to improve in 2011, so here it is…

Faith: I will be less driven by pride. For example, I will work to be more joyful with other’s success. I will be less concerned with how I would do things and more focused on the results (which is all that matter).

Marriage: I will be less of a baby. Over the past 4 months I have spent a lot of time sick and at the doctor. I’m a baby, and it drives my wife crazy. I will continue to support and encourage Sheri in our business and our family life. I can be argumentative. I will be less reactionary and let things go.

Family: Praise God for Stephen’s return! That said, I am still directive with him and need to adjust my tone/approach now that he’s a young man trying to make it in the world and be a member of our family. I will support Savannah and encourage her by being her daddy another year (this may be the last she lets me!).

Learner: I will complete Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology and read the bible in chronological order this year. I will continue to grow professionally, by staying up-to-date on the new regulations the government passes and improving my communication skills (presentation specifically).

Relationships: I will continue to value others over myself. I find it difficult to do and at times I go too far and put others ahead of my wife – she course corrects me when I do! I have to be more mindful and purposeful on balancing my priorities between God, Sheri, Family then others.

Leadership: I will search out new opportunities to lead others and help build others up. Not for my glory, but to duplicate my scope and therefore do twice as much for the kingdom. I will do this through our community group, missions team and co-workers.

Teacher: I will continue to assist Little Haiti Optimist Club in reaching the youth of Little Haiti. I will help guide young men in developing their character by being a model for them to duplicate.

Business: I will continue to work toward the goal of working for Luminosity Global full-time in 2 years. I will look for additional revenue opportunities and support Sheri in her efforts.

Finances: I will look for additional creative ways to share what God has provided us with others.

Life Style: I need to work on my wardrobe and ensuring that I am not complacent in my attitude on how others perceive me.

Entertainment: I will make more opportunities for Sheri and I to go to that theater and enjoy the arts. I have not lead well in this area over the past year and have significant improvements to make.

So that’s it. What I’m working on this year – this is in addition to all the other stuff I have to do to maintain where I am today. It’s a lot, there’s a big mountain ahead of me, but if I can get to heaven and hear my saviour say “well done” it will all have been worth it.


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