Pride….and A Broken Back…

December 15, 2010 — Leave a comment

If you read anything on my blog, twitter or facebook you’ll know that I struggle with pride. This week illustrated yet again how far I will go to conceal and feed my pride.

Let me start by saying I have a broken back and a concussion. I CANNOT climb on a ladder. I stepped up on a 2-step step-ladder yesterday and almost fell over – vertigo is a tought thing to combat. I fell while getting ready to hang our Christmas lights. You guessed it! We don;t have any lights on the outside of the house. This is a BIG deal for Sheri because she loves Christmas and wants our home to be the best it can be to honor all God has done in our lives.

Our good friends arranged for someone to come by our house and hang lights for us. This struck a nerve! It caused several arguments and I even went as far to state that they person wouldn’t show up and I would be proven right…

Boy was I wrong! In fact in trying to feed my pride (no other man is going to hang lights on MY house!) I was also robbing my wife of her joy and the joy Christmas brings to our house. I had rationalized that our house was ‘good enough’ without lights on front.

On Monday I realized how prideful and selfish I was being. I asked God to forgive me and prayed that the light would get done. Tomorrow we’ll have lights on our house. I’m thankful that Sheri is stubborn and sticks to her guns when she’s right. I’m thankful that God forgives me for my pride and takes the time to correct me when I’m wrong.

Living our My Life Manifesto is not easy. especially when I post all my faults on this blog. By reading this, you’re one of my accountability partners. Thank you for filling that role in my life. My faults are many, but at this year, I’ve been blessed beyond what any man should be. I give God all the glory. I have done nothing. He’s done everything. My walking and talking is a testament to His power and glory.

Yet and other humbling experience….

Merry Christmas


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