My Stubbornness….

December 12, 2010 — 3 Comments

One week ago, I lay in ICU under the care of a critical care team pending the results of the tests to see if I would require emergency spine surgery to fix problems associated with “the fall”.

Today, through nothing less than a miracle, I am walking and trying to pretend everything is normal. Since coming home on Wednesday, I have consistently said I was attending church today. All the while my friends and wife were questioning the wisdom of that decision. Gruntlers, Roberts, Avery’s and others always asked if that was smart. I feel up to it, so of course. My wife was set against it from minute one.

Today, I am not attending church. It breaks my heart not to be there, but I was pushing this under the excuse of praising God when in fact my real motive was to return to normalcy. This was causing major issues for my wife. This morning, God impressed on me that I need not be in church to praise him…

That’s when I realized: this is not normal and there is no quick return to normal.

In honor of my wife and friends, I will not be attended church today. I still praise God for his grace, but I do it through honoring my wife’s wishes and praising him privately ~ just He and I.

Praise God…


3 responses to My Stubbornness….


    Glad to not see you at church and glad to see wisdom was able to overcome pride, as that’s a big accomplishment for us knuckleheads, or at least that what someone keeps telling me.


    Amen Brother! Steve we are praising God with you and for you and thanking God for His amazing grace. When we left your home the other night, I was brought to tears just seeing you walk. We continue to pray for you and the entire family.


    Thanks so much Bill and Noreen. You guys mean the world to Sheri and I

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