One Year Later…

September 24, 2010 — 4 Comments

What I have learned after blogging for one year…

I have more to say than I realized.

I piss people off with my opinions.

By being willing to state an opinion, I challenge my own thinking and know what I think and why I think before you ever read it.

People read what I blog and tweet.

Putting yourself out there  is painful at times and rewarding at others.

Staying true to God, my family, church and readers and living out My Life Manifesto is hard work.

Over the next few months I am working on my annual review and update of my manifesto. I start now so that when January comes, I hit the  ground at full speed.

Are you living out a life with purpose and working toward your destiny every day? You are, even if you don’t think you are. What will they say about you at your funeral? What you do today is what will be written.

Looking forward to growing with you over the next year.


4 responses to One Year Later…


    I like that blog man. I am so task oriented that I don’t slow down to enjoy the people around me. Thanks Steve……good blog!


    Small World! We know Jon Elswick from CRCC where he led worship for years. Haven’t seen him or Melissa for a few years now. I hear they’re doing very well.

    I can completely relate to your post here. I too, am dealing with this whole new issue of “elevated Cholesterol”, as my doctor put it. He want to put me on Meds. I am resisting at this point. I eat half way decent, stay active~exercise pretty regularly, have a low resting heart rate, etc….Have been doing things right, for the most part with just a little discipline in my life.

    But, you can’t change the gene pool! My dad has high cholesterol. Sigh. Gotta keep an eye on that red meat. And I AM A CARNIVORE by nature! ;-)I gotta have my steak! What to do?


      Hi Esther,
      thanks for stopping by and sharing your story. Sorry for taking so long to reply. It’s been a crazy couple months!
      Have a great weekend – Steve

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