The Challenge…A Call to Action in Haiti

August 30, 2010 — 4 Comments

You are hereby challenged…

By viewing this blog, you cannot turn away from answering this challenge. It may not be for everyone, but everyone must choose to act or turn away. There is no other choice.

Let me open by saying I have never done this before. I tend to get involved in things I can solve on my own. That way I control and can see the result of hard work. God has finally forced me into something so big, my old ways of self achievement will no longer due. In fact, the only way this can be achieved is through God. It’s too big for any one person to tackle.

So here I am:

  1. A FAILURE: in that I cannot meet this need through my own efforts/resources/talents.
  2. HUMBLED: Through my inability to meet the need, God has humbled me by forcing me to seek your help.
  3. SLEEPLESS: I lay awake at night worried for the orphans of Haiti, knowing that my house is big enough to house 100+ orphans. Every garage in the USA is better than most facilities a Haitian orphan lives in. This haunts me.

Because of my inadequacy, I am here. Challenging you to join us. We’re leaving it all on the field to solve as much as we can, but it’s not enough. The needs are too great and our abilities to limited. We need your help. I ask that you check out the below items before going further:

In my last blog post I wrote about results and that they matter. Our partner organization, GCA has 22 orphans in desperate need of sponsorship. I have personally witnessed GCA’s facilities, met the orphans, and have sat on multiple occasions with the leadership of GCA to discuss stewardship, finances, accountability, and the GCA vision for the future. I can confirm that 100% of support goes directly into the orphanage. There are no “administrative fees” or other skimming. It all goes to staffing, food, shelter, medical care, school, clothing and services supporting the effort. Sheri and I have resisted supporting other organizations, because of a lack of trust and accountability. GCA is the first organization that I can confirm your sponsorship will directly support a real orphan in Haiti. As an on-going accountability check, we plan to travel to GCA and Tou Tou’s Orphanage one to two times per year. The purpose is to identify and address the most pressing immediate needs, plan to meet future needs and verify accountability. If we find a problem, you will hear about it. That is my personal promise to you. So here it is…

The Challenge:

  1. Sponsor an orphan for $55/month through GCA. Go to the GCA webpage and complete the form:
  2. Buy an orphan a bed: $100 buys a bed. Currently the 22 kids at Tou Tou’s sleep on the floor. $2200 donation solves that problem permanently. Buy one, a few or all.
  3. Donate for the bathhouse: We need $5,000 to build a proper bathroom and shower facility. Donate all or part.
  • Note: For items 2 & 3 please make donations through West Pines Church at this address: Make sure to e-mail pastor Matt Mashburn at and let him know what you’re supporting.
  • Note #2: all donations to GCA and West Pines may be tax deductable – see your accountant for further details.

If you decide to accept the challenge, please leave a comment or e-mail me at Even the smallest donation makes a difference and will go directly to support Tou Tou’s Orphanage.

I challenge you to help us meet these needs. They are real and will make an immediate and on-going impact to the lives of the orphans of Haiti. Will you join us?

Savan and an orphan from Tou Tou’s Orphanage. This child has minor downs syndrome.

Two of the

orphans at Tou Tou’s with their craft project (a note book they decorated) we did as part of the VBS:

One orphan boy, watching as we leave, hanging onto the balloon a team member gave him:


4 responses to The Challenge…A Call to Action in Haiti


    What a fantastic call to action…love being a part of a team that gets things done!

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