iPad vs. the Kindle…

August 10, 2010 — Leave a comment

Kindle and the iPad…

For me there’s no comparison. I’m a Kindle guy all the way. My wife is an iPad girl all the way. Why the difference in opinion? My lack of self-discipline – period.

We both enjoy reading and read what I consider enough to make the shelling out of the $ worth it. It comes down to my abaility to unplug at the end of the day. Having the internet in bed with me is a really bad idea. It will check my e-mail one more time, look at The Drudge Report, check Facebook, or some other crap that I needed to stop doing by 8PM. That’s why the Kindle is a much better tool for me. I don’t want the internet in bed with me. I’ll never get any sleep.

Besides the experts agree with me. So, don’t bring your latop, iPad, cell phone/smart phone, or any other “connected” device to bed with you. Who knows, you may find something better to do with your wife who’s right next to you! Good night all.


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