Lessons from Changing Schedules…

August 5, 2010 — Leave a comment

Upon returning from my weekend away with my girlfriend, I decided to change my schedule and move my workout to in the morning (running 4 miles). It means 40ish minutes moved to before work. Here’s what I observed by doing this:

  • It’s dark: I have to run on the streets – instead of the dirt road in the Everglades
  • It’s cooler: I almost had heat stroke a couple weeks ago running in 106 degree temps (that’s heat index heat – actual temp 94 degrees)
  • Smoother Days: I’m more focused and alert through the day
  • Hitting Snooze matters:  10 extra minutes=20 minutes late for work
  • I have less stress in the afternoon/evening, because I have one less thing to do before bed

Overall, I forgot how much I enjoy working out in the mornings. I wish our gym opened by 6 instead of 7, then I could hit the weights. But for now, I need to lose the 7 lbs I have put on this summer and running is the most effective way for me to do that.

If you could make one change to your schedule, what would it be? Why? What’s stopping you?


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