July 22, 2010 — 2 Comments

What you base your self-worth on says a lot about you. I’ve known very successful Christians who base their self-worth on their business, family, home, cars, amount of giving, etc. All things of this world.

I’ve been guilty of basing my self-worth on my family and not God. When tough times came to our family, it devastated me. I was shaken to the foundation of my faith. I questioned what I believed and why. God never left my side, he carried me through that time and taught me that my self-worth is based on what Jesus did. Nothing else.

God helped me to replace the cornerstones of my life and reset my priorities. The process was painful and took time, but now I’m a better more grounded man for it.

God comes first. Before my wife, family, work or anything else in my life.

Sheri is second.

Family third.

Close friends forth.

Beyond this, everything else is lumped together. It’s just how I live my life. In doing so, now when storms come, I have a solid foundation that does not shake and provides security. I cannot believe I was so naïve to believe my family came before God…

What are your priorities? Why? What am I missing?


2 responses to Self-Worth…


    I’m glad I saw your facebook post referencing this. And glad that when I drove by I had the opportunity to be encouraged by your words. On my Twitter profile, it says, “Gods daughter, my husbands wife, my boys mom. Yes. In that order.”


    Thanks Heather. I appreciate you taking the time to drive by.

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