Forgiving Ourselves…

June 4, 2010 — 2 Comments

A couple weeks ago an old friend tracked me down via LinkedIn. After our brief catch-up conversation, I received an e-mail apologizing for something he had done over 21 years ago that he felt bad about. It ended up that the issue he has carried around for over 21 years, was something that Sheri and I had never once every mentioned.

This got me to thinking about forgiveness and how sometimes we need to forgive ourselves and no one else cares. This is a game that we play with ourselves and is used by the enemy to prevent us from achieving everything God has planned for us – making us feel guilty and eat us from the inside. Of course this does not absolve us from the responsibility to apologize for our wrongs toward others. We are obligated to address our failures of the past, but not necessarily drag ourselves through 21 years of self punishment.

What are you carrying around that you need to forgive yourself for? Who do you need to apologize to? What’s stopping you? Here’s a blog post with a guide on forgiving yourself.

Tp my friend: Yes we forgive you.


2 responses to Forgiving Ourselves…


    Poignantly written; possibly attainable. Thank you for this post–it will encourage many!


    Thanks steve and Sheri! I appreciate it. I am busy with my in laws and wll get back to you

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