The Call – Haiti

May 18, 2010 — Leave a comment

West Pines Community Church Haiti

Last week, I traveled to Mirebalais, Haiti with Pastor Matt Mashburn as part of a fact finding trip for a future West Pines Community Church (WPCC) missions trip with The Great Commission Alliance Network (GCA). While we were on the ground only 26 hours, there are too many stories to possibly cover in one blog post. So I will focus on where my heart is the most burdened: The Orphans.

2 Orphanages…

We visited two orphanages during our trip, one were refugees from Port-au-Prince with 10 children and a pastor’s wife trying to care for them. They are living in a rundown place (the pastor lived there 10 year ago and it has not been maintained since). The pastor is in Port-au-Price caring for the people there. The second was an orphanage with 40 children (20 of which are deaf). The pastor was/is in the hospital in Port-au-Prince battling complications from diabetes. Both are incredible stories of hope.


My heart is broken for the smaller group of kids (pictured above). They lost everything. There are signs of under nourishment. They are in need of better shelter, medical care, clothing, food, and basic living supplies. GCA has been providing rice and beans and is working on beds (they currently sleep on a concrete floor sharing 6 pillows), but they need some much more. WPCC brought shoes, toothbrushes, candy and soccer balls.

As we plan for a larger full mission trip, my heart is heavy. The needs are great and we are unable to provide even the basic items for just the 60 orphans we visited (not to mention the 1000’s in Haiti). At times I feel completely inept. I have this feeling of hopelessness. Luckily, I don’t have to do anything except allow God to use me as he feels fit.


But…there’s hope! Sheri and I have traveled all over the world and it’s the same everywhere we go. Kids love life. They love to explore. They love to laugh, play, and experience new things. These 10 kids are no different. They were smiling ear-to-ear over having new shoes. They loved having visitors and were wide-eye-wondering about us. They sang songs and followed us around until we left. I love kids.


Can be found in the pastor of the larger orphanage. This group receives neither government nor outside funding assistance. They have a church on site with about 300 people attending every week. The average Haitian makes $1.50 a day. Yet, this church and pastor have been able to provide for 40 orphans, plant 5 churches, and minister to the local community. If God can do all that through this church and pastor, imagine what God can do through West Pines Community Church! All we have to do is get out of the way and allow God do his work.


Now we’re called into action. Going to Haiti has changed me. God has shown me something that I cannot turn away from. I must do more. I must do everything I can to bring hope and care to these children in their greatest time of need. The world is focused on Port-au-Prince, yet there are orphans everywhere in Haiti (and the rest of the world for that matter). I must live My Life Manifesto out and this is an important aspect of that.

You may not be able to go to Haiti, but you can help. Help to sponsor one of the West Pines students; help by providing money for supplies;  most importantly help by praying for the orphans and that God will protect and provide for them.

One last thing..

This weekend 5/23/10, Pastors Robey and Matt will be telling the story of our trip and what the plans are for West Pines in Haiti. Please make every effort to be there. If you cannot be there, listen to the podcast when it becomes available on the website.

Will you join us in our call to partner with GCA and help the orphans of Haiti?


West Pines Community Church:

Great Commission Alliance Network:


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