21 Years…

April 7, 2010 — Leave a comment

21 years ago today Sheri and I became husband and wife. This is not the date we celebrate, but is the day we were legally married. To get married in the chapel on the Air Force base I was stationed at, we had to first be legally married.

This is not a day of celebration for me, but a day of remembrance. Today 21 years ago, my beautiful young bride and I were running all over town, going from building to building, paying Yen everywhere we went. Around the third of fourth place, some lady tried to say, “Congratulations”, but it came out as “Cun-Gat-U-lay-ton”. We ended the trip at the US Consult where they stamped Sheri’s name change into her passport…and that was it, we were married.

I remember the dress she wore, a simple white sundress. I remember her tan; she was a life guard after all. I remember her smile, eyes, and the look of joy and hope they carried.

In reflecting on those events, most of all, I see God’s hand in directing our lives. He brought us together for a purpose. The past 21 years have been fun, boring, exciting, difficult, joyous, saddening, infuriating, frustrating, happy, rewarding, scattered with success and failure, wonderful and full of adventure.

Thank you God for bringing me the perfect Soul Mate – you seem to always know what I need before I even imagine it.


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