Stupid Saying #1: “Go Big or Stay Home”

March 25, 2010 — 2 Comments

“Go Big or Stay Home” What a stupid saying (yes, I’ve used it in the past many times – including on this blog).

When one thinks through their life’s pursuits and purpose, one begin400_frederic_larson_mavericks_surf_contests to realize that this phrase is not delivering a message of inspiration nor challenging one to step out of their comfort zone. Actually the opposite is true. By invoking the “or stay home” clause, it’s implied that it’s okay to not play the game. We can just sit at home and say, “Going big isn’t for me.”

Staying Home is NOT acceptable. Period. No one ever achieved anything great by staying home. You don’t have to do everything that others do, but everything you do requires you to give it everything you have and to Go Big. The same holds true for the phrase “go big or go home” thus allowing one to quit when it gets scary, difficult, looks like failure, etc. Quitting is just as bad as staying home. You may not win, but don’t quit. Greatness has never been achieved by someone who went home.

From now on, I vow to no longer use the phrase “Go Big or Stay Home.”

From now on, I will say, “Go Big.”

Make a difference in all the things you do.

Go Big my friends.

Go Big.


2 responses to Stupid Saying #1: “Go Big or Stay Home”


    I love this – it’s all about commitment and doing your personal best no matter what. It is not okay to just give up, make your numbers & collect a paycheck. Get out there and play the game! Same goes in life… mediocrity is not okay.

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