My 10 favorite things about Valentine’s Day

February 12, 2010 — Leave a comment

My 10 favorite things about Valentine’s Day:

10. It comes one week after my wife’s birthday. I get to spoil her two times this month.

9. It’s usually our first big date after the holidays. It’s nice to reengage after the craziness.

8. Buying her a meaningful gift. My wife loves gifts that are heartfelt.

7. Planning for our date. Because this is her Superbowl, it has to be big. I start planning Jan 2nd.

6. Getting to take my daughter on a daddy/daughter date night. Modeling dating behavior now will pay-off later.

5. Always a special meal. We go out of our way for a special dining experience for our date.

4. Putting the world on “hold” for a day. We put everything aside and focus on us.

3. Knowing my wife is excited for what I have planned. I always try to surprise her with something new.

2. Getting over dressed. We always get dressed up for our date no matter what we have planned.

1. Reminding my wife that I love her and want to be the romantic she so desires and deserves.

What are your favorite things about Valentine’s Day?


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