Generous Leadership

February 9, 2010 — Leave a comment

This week Denney’s offered a free grand-slam breakfast for the second year in a row. The lines were out the door. The restaurants were completely staffed and full. How did the waiters/waitresses/bus boys do in tips? Assuming you ordered a cup of coffee with your free breakfast, your total bill would have been $2. If we follow the traditional tipping model, the server got a whopping $.20 or for you big spenders $.30.

Here’s an idea. Give the full price of the meal you just got for free. Say $6. That’s a 300% tip. Or better yet, give them $10! I know crazy…but the breakfast would have cost you $10 with a tip anyway. Now it cost you $12, but you helped out an overworked, under-appreciated person. Believe me, it’s the last day they want to work because the tips suck. People are cheap. Don’t be cheap, be generous. Over deliver in all you do.

This was an opportunity to lead generously. Did you?

How about for Haiti? Did you txt your $10 in and check-the-box calling yourself generous? How about donating a desperately needed tent through Healing For Haiti Now? Get one off eBay and have it delivered to:


Attn: Healing for Haiti Now

21113 Johnson St. STE 120

Pembroke Pines, FL 33029

The real test of your leadership and intentions: Don’t tell ANYONE what you did. No one needs to know. Lead generously, but be humble. And DO NOT expect nor accept anything in return.

Are you leading generously? Look in the mirror and answer honestly. If you don’t like the answer, change it.


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