Haiti…What Can We Really Do?

January 16, 2010 — 1 Comment

Like everyone, we are completely shocked at the magnitude and scale of devastation in Haiti. Living in South Florida, we are very close to Haiti and know several Haitian Americans. The poverty of Haiti is well known (maybe not widely known, but anyone who is aware of global poverty is well aware of the issues in Haiti).

Given our business (Luminosity Global Consulting Group) is global focused and we have lived and traveled to over 30 countries, we have a lot of experience in international living, travel and serving others. In our local church (West Pines Communities Church) we serve on the Missions Team and partner with Compassion International, the Red Cross, Sheridan House, 4 Kids of South Florida, Taylor’s Closet, Hope Pregnancy Center, and Samaritans Purse (Operation Shoe Box).

Like everyone, we feel the greatness of lose and want to help. Do you want to know how to help? Here it is, our church is partnering with local businesses, churches and organizations to coordinate and deliver donations to Haiti in partnership with the Red Cross. For all the details, go to our dedicated blog at: http://healingforhaitinow.wordpress.com/

We are humbled to be allowed to serve those in need. Haiti is in need. Please pray and look for opportunities to help. This is going to require sustained support. In 2 years there will still be needs.

Want to get involved? Follow the above blog!


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