Hangin’ with My Daughter

October 30, 2009 — Leave a comment

I had the great privilege of hanging out with my daughter this week. Mom is out of town on business, which is the first time in almost 2 years. So needless to say, we have all gotten use to mom being around.
Some things I learned this week.
– Savannah has some really cool friends
– She is not happy with her math class and teacher – she’s under challenged
– She is really excited about Ignite this week (Gross Out Night!)
– She doesn’t like the drama of 6th grade girls and tries to avoid being part of it
– She has an outstanding sense of humor, still comes up with “Savanisims” and has great one liners (another blog post coming on one such comment)

I had the opportunity to take her to dinner, shopping, watch tv, talk about everything going on, and help with homework. Absolutely priceless time.
I am blessed to have these opportunities.
Guys, if you have kids make the time to spend with them. It means a lot to them, but you’ll get even more from it than they will.


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