Christmas in October?

October 1, 2009 — Leave a comment

Why in the world and I posting about Christmas in October? It’s NOT what you’re assuming. You’re assuming that this is going to be a rant about why stores are putting holiday junk (yes it’s junk in September and October) out earlier every year ….

This post is for any husband who loves his wife…

Do you realize that your best friend, life partner and lover is excited about the holidays (yes already) and that she hopes that you’ll do something special for her this year. She’s had a long year too. Things have been tough on her and to get a special well thought out gift from her best friend, life partner and lover would make it all worth it!

For most of us, when we think of “special” or well “thought out” we’re thinking expensive because that’s what the marketing people want you to think. They trick you into a false idea of what a romantic (yes I used that word) gift is by their standards – remember they exist to sell expensive jewelry through multi-million dollar campaigns (for example) not to enhance your relationship. My point is that the greatest gifts cost little, but take thought and effort. You know your wife better than anyone else. Why is it difficult to present her a gift that you know she’ll love? The point of a gift is NOT the object given, but the thoughtfulness required to create it.

Some practical gift ideas for you guys who are now panicking…

  • Pictures: It’s fall in most of the northern hemisphere, take the kids out to rake leaves and bring the camera. Take a handful of snapshots of the family hanging out raking and burning leaves and having fun. Send these pictures to Wal-Mart or Target for printing. When you pick the pictures, buy a nice picture frame and some overly expensive ($15) wrapping. Put the pictures in the frame, wrap it and leave it in the closet where she can see it. You should have this done by mid-November at the latest! She’ll see that you already thought about her for the holidays and the anticipation will build for 6 weeks. She’ll feel loved and appreciated because you thought about her in a very special way – even though she has no clue what the gift is. On Christmas morning, it will be her favorite gift of the year. The one she talks to her girl friends about and they will wish their husbands did something so romantic (yes there it is again). Total cost: $30-$40
  • Family photos: Schedule, with your wife, a day before Thanksgiving for a family photo shot. Buy new shirts that match. Get the nicest family photo in an 8×10 and frame it for a Christmas gift. Also get the post cards to send out to family. Make the day a fun day – your attitude will set the tone for the day and family. Lead by example. Because you initiated it, she’ll love you for it! Total cost: $200 (give or take)
    • NOTE: you have to include her in this – there’s hair, nails and make-up issues at hand that you’ll never understand. Initiate it and coordinate it with her. Give her what she needs – do not question what she needs, just do it with a willing attitude.
  • Jewelry: Of course I couldn’t leave this low hanging fruit off the list, BUT…buying this expensive item is difficult. You need to pay attention to what she wears. Does she like white or yellow gold or maybe silver? Diamonds, pearls, plain/simple, small or larger pieces? So many questions it becomes intimidating. If you’re motivated, you’ll do the home work and get the right piece. The right piece will show that you know and understand her and will bring you closer as a couple. The wrong piece can have the opposite effect. Want to know the best set of questions? Go to an expensive jewelry store and ask for their advice (you do not have to buy anything from them!). What do you need to know to make sure you buy the right piece? Then get the answers before you start shopping. There are outstanding deals on great pieces this year. The jewelry stores have been hit hard, but so have Macys, JCPenny, and dozens of others. They want your business badly. Bargain. Don’t pay full price for anything. Get it right and it will be well worth it. Total cost: $50-$?

These are just some ideas to get your thoughts going. As with all gifts, the point is NOT the cost, but the thought. The time to start planning is NOW. I would love to hear your ideas. Please share them. Need advice or more help? Want to bounce an idea around? Leave me a comment with contact info. I will do everything I can to help you make this year one of the most special for her.

Merry Christmas my friends! Steve


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