Blog Launch

September 16, 2009 — 1 Comment

Welcome to my blog
I decided to do this not because it is popular (which if that were the case I am several years behind the curve), but at the urging of Seth Godin. Seth challenges his followers/readers to be extraordinary and do something that matters. This blog is my attempt to meet Seth’s challenge to be unique, special and extraordinary.

My purpose is to challenge myself to be a better man, husband, father, friend and human. I hope that during this adventure, you find information that is useful, makes you think, mad, inspired, happy, sad, worthless, priceless, and most importantly drives you to make a difference in your life and world.

All content and tags will link back to this post.
To those who decide I have something of worth to say and follow me, I promise to:

  • Post one meaningful well thought out post per week on Thursdays
  • Read all comments and feedback and take it into consideration (after all I am growing/learning too)
  • Be honest with all my posts.

I retain permission to not respond to comments, and delete inappropriate comments as I feel fit
Thanks for reading…here we go
“Hold on to your butts” Samuel L Jackson in Jurassic Park


One response to Blog Launch


    Steve Awesome start my Brother in Christ. I do think I heard a challenge in there to our Brother Matt Mashburn hun 1 time per week. Keep it up bro look forward to reading what God put on your heart.Kevin

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